What do you get when you combine two life long artists with 6 children between the two? You get several
artists. In fact the creativity of the Sanchez family spreads well beyond the scope of our work here. My
brother is also a very talented artist as was my father. This page was created in honor of our work as a family
of artists. Some links will take you to other websites and others will take you to galleries within this site.
Kellie's work also spans over several
years of creativity. She can pretty
much master almost any medium with
her tenacity and dilligence to produce
something of beauty and perfection.
From Ceramics to cake decorating and
everything in between. To find out
more about Kellie's background check
out her
bio page!
Steve's work spans several years of
creativity with a variety of series of his
work in multiple mediums. Over the past
three decades he has recorded his life
through his paintings like a personal diary
exposed for all to see. The depth in his
work will captivate you. He is the owner
operator of Mystic Prism making crystal
prisms and stone works of structure and
form. To find out more about Steve Check
out his
bio page!
Nick Sanchez grew up very much like
his father Steve and was artistically
influenced as young as his being able
to hold a brush. He was raised with the
knowledge that the sky is the limit
when it comes to creativity. His works
tell stories that make you feel an
emotion as you connect to him through
his work  
Kaitie Knight also known as Ribbon
Martin has been working by her mother
Kellie's side since childhood also
under the influence of Kellie's creative
talents and abilities. Katie also has her
mothers tenacity and loves to create
compilations of numbers and patterns.
She has always wanted to be different
and she certainly is.
Chris Knight has been a pleasure to
watch develop as his creativity as he
has taken it to another level. Both
Chris and Nick have taken graphic
courses and Chris plans to get into
game development with his graphics.
His work is very technical and
maticulously executed. Something also
learned from his mother Kellie
Chalk It Up! Sacramento Ca,
Sidewalk chalk art downtown in
Sacramento Ca was a family event we
participated in every year for the first
ten years of our relationship. It was a
charitable event we were very proud to
be a part of.  We all worked as teams
on some of these sidewalk squares,
and some are individual works as well.