Steve Sanchez
Steve was born in Salt Lake City, UT in 1965 to Donald and Dora
Sanchez. When he was in diapers, his father Don was a student
studying to get his masters in education with an emphasis on art. His
father had started a painting as a class project and while he was at
school Steve decided that he would finish the painting for his father.
Much to his dismay Steve's mother mentioned that if Steve had his own
paints and brushes he would leave his fathers projects alone. She was
right and his father set him up to paint by his side. His early works were
all abstract playing with color and basically getting paint on himself
from head to toe. Steve's father did become an art instructor and Steve
was able to grow up in a life full of creative challenge and praise. In the
6th grade Steve made a Chinese Ceramic Chess Set and gave it to his
teacher whom he had a crush on.
In Junior high and high school Steve started receiving awards for his
work in both drawing and painting. His favorite high school art teachers
was his father in the 8th grade. In the 10th grade another influencial
instructor had pointed out that there were careers for people who had
"talent". That was the first time the word talent came from an instructor
other than his father. John Holiday from Davenport Ia was a published
cartoonist teaching art at Central High allowed Steve carte blanch in the
classroom to work on anything he wanted. For the rest of the year that
class would be the only place on campus you would find Steve. He
would have been expelled and the teacher fired for this by today's
standards, but these were all ingredients that started to develop in
Steve towards something serious. At that point Steve started looking for
art schools after high school. Since Steve's father was moving to San
Francisco Steve looked up the Academy of Art and decided that is
where he wanted to go next. At the Academy Steve's arrogance was in
full bloom and it was a pleasure for his instructors to knock it down to
size. It is one thing to be the only artist in class, and quite another to be
one of hundreds equally as talented and driven as him. His painting
instructors recognized that Steve was above average and felt obliged to
push him further. One oil painting instructor at the Academy John
would challenge Steve every week. He would knock his best work
saying things like "anyone can paint a photograph" refering to a realist
portrait of a rock band. He would make Steve change the subject matter
every week resulting in frustration, but Steve hung in there and adapted
and even better... he grew. His last year with this instructor was a
wonderful year. A new student walked into class, he had a red and
purple mowhawk and a sony walkman that was soooo loud you could
hear what he was listening to, steve said to the instructor "what an
asshole!" The instructor pointed that Steve was JUST LIKE that when he
first walked in. Steve felt like he had snatched the pebble at that time.
After the Academy still living in San Francisco Steve met his future wife
and mother of his two children Nickolas and Cassiopeia. An Artist
sculpting crystal out of Sacramento Ca was in need of an apprentice.
Basically help with producing crystal prisms. Steve started out there by
polishing all the prisms. Steve was then trained by Ken Rains how to
sculpt crystal using the flat lap method. As Steve developed with crystal
sculpting he started to branch out and use different materials with
glass. In the beginning it was different kinds of glass glued together in